2016: Autumn - All My Sons
Photographs by Stuart Wineberg

All My Sons
by Arthur Miller

Programme Note:
"All my Sons" was written during the final stages of World War ll and was first performed in 1947 when the War, in all its aspects was still a raw memory.
The Keller family have their own unfinished business from the War - one son still “missing” and the other, surviving the horrors of war, determined to be worthy of the freedom granted by the heroism and sacrifice of so many. But events from the past which come to light as the action unfolds bring him face to face with compromise, expedience and deceit in his own family forcing him to deal with the unwelcome reality of the world as it is. This is a powerful and dramatic play which has been on been on my “wish list” to present at Chameleons for some time.
I would like to thank everyone who has made it possible — the technical, backstage and front of house team, without whom no production would be possible and the excellent cast whose performances have brought this play to life with such conviction. And finally, you the audience for your continued support in the shared experience of live theatre.
Geoff Dodsworth

Joe Keller ... Nick Coleman
Kate Keller ... Liz Strevens
Chris Keller ... Matt Costen
Ann Deever ... Lisa Dunbar
George Deever ... Matthew Meehan
Dr. Jim Bayliss ... Kevin Bowers
Sue Bayliss ... Cari Laythorpe
Frank Lubey ... Paul Jones
Lydia Lubey ... Emma Peacock
Bert ... Beth Bowers

For the Company
Assistant Director ... Merle Dodsworth
Stage Manager ... Sheila Hardiman
Properties ... Sheila Hardiman
Tech Team Leader / Sound ... Rebecca Nye
Lighting ... Lionel Elliott
Wardrobe ... Diana Mills
House Manager ... Kayleigh Fagence
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