2017: Autumn - Murdered to Death
Photographs by Liz Strevens and Marilyn Dundar.

Murdered to Death
by Peter Gorgon

Programme Note:
A terrible tragedy occurs at the manor house on a fateful autumn evening as everyone assembles for a dinner party, and it seems it could have been anyone - but who had the means, the motive and the opportunity to kill, and can they trust each other with a killer on the loose?
Will the guests turn on each other as they try to unravel the web of lies? In comes inspector Pratt, and suddenly things don’t seem quite so simple as he bumbies his way blindly through the case, and tries. to keep on the good side of the Deputy Chief Constable.
Does he have what it takes to overcome the odds and find the murderer, with (or without) the help of the welrmeaning Miss Maple, before someone eise gets hurt’?
At first it seemed like any other murder mystery, but a ctoser inspection soon revealed that this thriller was going to be rather different. it was love at first read when I found this play and I know the cast have had -a rot of fun rehearsing, so l hope you, our audience, enjoy watching it even more. Can you work out whodunnit?

Mildred - Liz Strevens
Dorothy - Kayleigh Fagence
Bunting the Butler - Stuart Wineberg
Colonel Craddock - Geoff Dodsworth
Margaret Craddock - Carrie Laythorpe
Pierre Marceau - Matthew Meehan
Elizabeth Hartley-Trumpington - Lisa Dunbar
Miss Joan Maple - Sian Hayden
lnspector Pratt - Nick Coleman
ConstableThompkins - Fiona Winchester

For the Company
Production Assistant - Merle Dodsworth
Stage Manager - Paul Jones
Props - Abbi Brine
Backstage - Wayne Bradshaw, Clare Britton
Technical - Becky Nye
Front of House Manager - Sheila Hardiman
Bar Manager - Karol Cooper
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