2014: Autumn - The Ladykillers
Photographs by:
Keith Taylor
The Ladykillers
by Graham Linehan

Good evening and welcome to the Ritchie Memorial Hall for tonight’s performance of the classic black comedy The Ladykillers. Although the Ealing Studios film of The Ladykillers was made in 1955 and is probably ‘before the time’ of anyone in the auditorium tonight, it is known and loved by many people. It’s a comedy but it is also quite dark in places and it’s those contrasts within the play that drew me to it initially; there are many laugh out loud moments but there are a few chilling ones too! When The Ladykillers was first produced for the stage (in 2011) it was written for commercial theatres. The sets were large and complex, featuring several rooms and staircases, and they sometimes incorporated a revolving stage. Here at the Ritchie Hall we have only a tiny stage and so I must beg your indulgence and ask you to use your imagination a little. Our main set tonight does double duty; firstly as Mrs. Wilberforce’s sitting room downstairs and secondly as Professor Marcus’ sitting room in his upstairs rented rooms. I am sure that you will have no problem discerning which room the characters are in at any one time. A big thank you to my superb and talented cast who have thrown themselves wholeheartedly into this demanding and complex play. The technical and backstage crew have also done an amazing job and put in many hours of hard work. And thanks to you, our audience, for your continued support! Finally I would like to dedicate this production to the memory of Jeff Berryman, who was a much-loved Chameleon for many years and who sadly passed away earlier this year.
Liz Strevens Director

The action takes place inside Mrs Wilberforce’s run-down house in King’s Cross, London from 5th to 9th of November 1956

Cast in order of appearance Constable Macdonald - Tom Pinnock
Mrs. Tromleyton - Diana Mills
Mrs. Wilberforce - Marilyn Dunbar
General Gordon - Dave Wilkins
Professor Marcus - Matthew Meehan
Major Courtney - Geoff Dodsworth
Harry Robinson - Dave Wilkins
Desmond Lawson aka One Round - Nick Coleman
Louis Harvey - James Hook
Elderly Ladies - Sian Hayden and Sarah Phipps

For The Company
Production Assistant - Merle Dodsworth
Stage / Technical Manager - Simon Grey
Asst. Stage Manager / Properties - Lisa Dunbar
Sound and Vision - Lionel Elliott Sound - Rebecca Nye
Lighting - Tom Heald
Front of House Manager - Lorraine Biddlecombe
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