2013: Autumn - The Nightingales
The Nightingales by Peter Quilter

Photographs by:
Godfrey Partridge

Jack is a cabaret star; Maggie is his stage partner who visits often to rehearse and lament her latest romantic disaster. The sudden arrival of Jack's parents, Charlie and Beatrice who are old time music hall stars, throws life into chaos when they ask to stay. They promise to be gone by Christmas! Will anyone get a happy ending?

Jack - Matthew Meehan
Maggie - Liz Strevens
Charlie - Nick Coleman
Beatrice - Sian Hayden
Geraldine - Naomi Scott

Directed by Jenny Prior
Production Assistant - Kelly Maiden

For the Company:
Stage Manager - Roger Hester
Properties - Philippa Connel, Sachin Tanna
Lighting - Tom Heald
Sound - Lionel Elliott
Costume - Diana Mills and the Company
Set Construction - Members of the Company
House Manager - Lorraine Biddlecombe
Front of House - Marilyn Dunbar, Sarah Phipps, Lisa Dunbar, Merle Dodsworth, Sue Elliott

The action takes place in the living room of Jack's house in the English countryside, not far from London.

Time 1957 (January)

We would like to thank APTS for their kind permission to reproduce their video images and Loucas Hajiantonic for producing the piano pieces.
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