2012: Panto - Hansel and Gretel
Photos by:
Karol Cooper
Godfrey Partridge

Hansel and Gretel
written by Norman Robbins,
directed by Sheila Hardiman.


This well known fairy tale by the Brothers Grimm is given a pantomime setting, whilst managing to stay true to the original story (well, sort of!)

Dame DoGood is taking care of Hansel and Gretel in the lovely village of Pumpernickel, on the edge of a dark forest. The Forest Fairy protects the villagers from all perils, including the horrid witch Atrocia. She has her work cut out when Atrocia starts turning all the children to gingerbread men! The Dame, her beau Dickie, Karl and Lucy go to the rescue, hindered by Sir Rupert, the village squire, and his henchmen.


We hope this year's pantomime will be a good start for the New Year.
Hansel and Gretel is a grim tale originally told by The Brothers Grimm in 1812, but Norman Robbins has turned it into a light-hearted, very funny story with all the traditional elements of pantomime.
Your favourite characters are here, some played by new faces. Dame Do- Good is played by Stuart Wineberg, his first role in skids, whilst Dave Wilkins is returning to the villain's role, which he seems to relish! We have also been lucky to welcome Hannah and Georgina to our stage as Hansel and Gretel and I am sure you will agree that they make a wonderful pair of mischievous children.
So sit back and hiss, boo and cheer as the plot unfolds.

The Forest Fairy … Marilyn Dunbar
Attrocia the Witch … Liz Strevens
Karl the Forester …Kelly Pieda
Dame Do-Good … Stuart Wineberg
Sir Rupert de Rottweiler … Dave Wilkins
Lucy Lockett … Lisa Dunbar
Hansel … Hannah Burroughs
Gretel … Georgina Cray
Dickie Dymwit … Terry James
Potz the Bailiff … Mike Morris
Panz the other Bailiff … Godfrey Partridge
Melindra the Gipsy … Leonie Frendo
Roderigo the Gipsy … Philippa O’Connell
Ghoulie … Alice Eminton
Chorus: Alice Eminton, Jenni Prior, Jos Pieda, Leonie Frendo, Lesley James, Norma Hester, Philippa O’Connell, Siân Hayden

Directed by Sheila Hardiman
Production Assistant … Glen Partridge

For the Company
Stage Manager … Roger Hester
Assited by … Simon Grey, Andrew Boyd
Properties … Marianne Potts
Lighting … Lionel Elliott,
Spotlight … Tom Pinnock, Sam Hemley, Geoff Dodsworth, Nick Coleman
Sound …Wayne Bradshaw
Special Effects … Simon Grey
Costume ... Zoe Phillips, Diana Mills
Makeup … Jan Bradshaw
Choreography … Diana Mills
Matron … Amy Pieda
Set construction by the company

House Manager … Sheila Hardiman

Act 1 Scenes:
The Realm of the Forest Fairy
The Village of Pumpernickel
A Quiet Street
The Village Fête at Siezitt Hall
The Edge of the Great Forest
A Clearing in the Forest

Act 2 Scenes:
Back at the Village
A Path in the Forest
Outside the Gingerbread House
Behind the Gingerbread House
The Witch’s Kitchen
A Corridor in the Town Hall
The Mayor’s Parlour
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