2000: Spring - Relationships
April 2000 - Relationships

We often choose to put on three one-act plays in April for a number of reasons. Firstly, everyone in the company is involved, whether on stage, behind the scenes or working front of house. Secondly, new directors have a chance to try out the skills they have been learning over the years, without the responsibility for the whole evening. Lastly, we can perform our festival entry to our regular audience as well.

This April we performed 3 plays

The Drag Factor by Frank Vickery
Directed by Marilyn Dunbar.

Set in a hospital waiting room, a couple have to come to terms with their son's choices in life.
Ruby - Jan Bradshaw
Griff - Colin Davey
Nurse - Roger Hester

The Train by Carl Slotboom
Directed by Janet Ransom.

An elderly Jewish couple remember their experiences and their terror in wartime. The theme of this play is very much in the news at present, after the recent verdict in the Holocaust libel case.
Young Clara - Jane Osmond
Young David - Dave Wilkins
Clara - Jackie Folkes
David - Mike Morris

Ritual for Dolls by George McEwan Green
Directed by Marianne Potts.

Discarded toys in an attic re-enact scenes from their Victorian owners' lives. This was our entry for the Drama Festivals. This play won three awards in Eastleigh's Festival, and one at Totton.
Arabella, the doll - Liz Taylor
Lieutenant Bravo, the soldier - Geoff Dodsworth
Golly - Godfrey Partridge
JoJo, the toy monkey - Sue Revell
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