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1967 Ford Mustang Fastback | by Creme-de-la-creme
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1967 Ford Mustang Fastback

Ok, lets be honest here, I haven't seen many good builds of the classic Mustang, by far the best car I have ever been in.

And there are a few that I have seen that look amazingly good. But honestly..PEOPLE..Why that new fugly one?


As you can tell..or not tell It's my FIRST ever Car build, I was more focused on getting the shell shape right, more-so than anything else.

I built the Mustang in 16-wide, mainly because that seems to be the standard, but..WHY do people do it so SMALL!? at 16-wide the mustang becomes a big car, so I made her using Blue prints, and Images of the Mustang I found all over the place.

And to think..I thought of doing this..then I decided doing a Charger, because the Charger was easier to build..haha, I did this because it was a challenge, and used incredibly simple techniques, but from front to back there is a 5/8th's plate difference due to the necessitated height of the sloping back, and the angle I built the back. I'll admit I didn't do the back me it looks over-blocky... I'll fix that when I build it in the brick.

And yes, it is build-able..even on the cruddy technic brick base it started with.

No, Tyres don't fit in the wheel wells correctly..but..Who cares? It's only a display model. I may build one with all the fancy hood, door and boot bits, but due to the sloping sides of the mustang I found it very hard to do doors.


Anyway..please add some constructive criticism on the LOOK of the model, as it is not meant to have so many parts that it becomes a build-take-a-pic then dismantle model. I cheaped out on parts..ok?


I built it because i have always wanted to build a LEGO car in a decent scale, but could never see the dimensions right in my head and just gave up.

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Uploaded on April 10, 2010