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7.7 CM Feld Kanone 96 Neuer / Art | by The Carouselambra Kid
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7.7 CM Feld Kanone 96 Neuer / Art

The display reads:




77MM FIELD GUN, M1896 (old pattern)




The 7.7 CM Feld Kanone 96 n / A is a light, mobile field gun incorporating one of the earliest hydro-spring, recoil-recuperator systems. The spirit of attack at the time is reflected by the FK 96's characteristic ability to follow the infantry in assault, even over rugged terrain.


It is equipped with a horizontal sliding wedge breech and a splinter shield; however, elevation and traverse is severely limited by the pole trail. The pole trail was preferred by many designers to save weight on the horses, the only traction available at the time. The range of the 7.7 FK 96 is a useful 5,500 meters and by digging in the trail, a range of 8,400 meters was possible.


The gun fired a variety of projectiles, including high explosive shell, Shell Type II which combined the effects of shell and shrapnel and one of the first armor-piercing anti-tank rounds. The rate of fire was somewhat slow due to the separate loading nature of the ammunition. In its infantry accompanying and anti-tank role, it was equipped with smaller wheels for ease of movement and concealment.


The FK 96 is unique in being one of the last Field Artillery weapons with an engraved tube, with the crest of Kaiser Wilhelm II and the latin motto "ULTIMA RATIO REGIS" engraved before the breech. This motto inferred that the ultimate factor in deciding arguments between kings was the Field Artillery.


Over 5,000 7.7 CM Feld Kanone, 96 n / A, were produced and served throughout WW I forming thirty-five percent of the German Field Artillery weapons. It was eventually superceded by the 7.7 CM FK 16 n / A.


Caliber: 77mm (3.03 in)

Weight: 1,020 kg (2,244 lbs)

Range: 5,500 meters (5,958 yds [3.4 miles])

Shell Weight: 6.85 kg (15 lbs)

Detachment: 5

Elevation: - 301 to 269 mils (- 12 degrees 56' to 15 degrees 8')

Traverse: 129 mils (7 degrees 15')

Rate of Fire: Ten rounds per minute.


Museum Acc.#: 89.48.27


Taken June 6th, 2011.

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Taken on June 6, 2011