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What 25 year old European car? | by Kompressed
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What 25 year old European car?

2012 is just around the corner, and for foreign-car minded gearheads in the US of A that means there is a relatively fresh and hopefully rust-free crop of cars from 1987 that will turn 25 and be eligible for private import. If you're feeling adventurous this upcoming year, listed below as a public service enabler are some interesting options that will leave your neighbors/spouse/car-showgoers speechless:


1. Citroen BX MkII - Citroen's Gundam Gandini styled BX probably stood for BoX, but with that silky-smooth suspension and spacious interior, who cares? Slightly wheezy engine: standard. Hydropneumatic suspension: standard. Gundam-style exterior: standard. Enterprise-D interior: standard. Your BX being one of the first ones in America? Standard!


2. Opel Omega A - European Car of the Year for 1987, plenty of well-preserved examples to choose from, and a design that has aged pretty well, all things considered. 4.0 liter vroom vroom didn't get into production till 1991, but the 2.0 liter from 1986 isn't bad either.


3. Volvo 480 Coupe - because you'll be the only one with a 480. Granted, you may have to get used to answering the question "Why did you put a Volvo badge on your Honda?" every day, but it'll earn you enormous street cred from the Volvo crowd. Also see: Volvo 460. It's like the Volvo 480, though much much stealthier. It'll also earn you enormous street cred from the Volvo crowd. Though, admittedly, they're not a tough crowd to earn street cred from. Get used to answering the question "Why did you get this over a 480?"


4. Peugeot 205 GTI - the 1905cc GTI came out in 1986, which was the largest-displacement version of the 205 (not counting the T16). The Rallye version came out around this time as well


5. Ford Scorpio MkI - you won't get to a Ford show too quickly, but you'll be the only one there with a Scorpio. The Scorpio Cosworth with a 2.9L V6 didn't arrive till 1989, sadly. But you could wait a few years and get a Escort Cossie instead, or something that appears like one on the ouside - there's plenty of those too


6. Alfa Romeo 33 - okay, so there are a couple of these in the states, but that doesn't mean that there couldn't be a few more. The 1.7 flat-four 117bhp is the engine to go for, although its a carb.


7. Lancia Delta Integrale 8v - 1987 was the first year this version was available, so it'll be 25. Nuff said.


8. Puch G 2dr or Peugeot P4 - aka the Steyr or Peugeot-built G-wagens that was sold under Puch or Pug badge in some parts of Yurrp. Are you stumbling over G500's in your seaside New England town? Mock those leather-filled G-wagens with an authentic no-frills offroader.


9. Opel Senator B - with even more German-made awesomeness with all the goodies of an American full-size sedan, but with the ability to actually get into a 21st century parking space without inflicting body damage on other cars. 3.0 liter version is probably the one to go for, larger engines didn't get there till a couple years after 1987. Tons of examples to choose from, including RHD Vauxhall Senators if you're too bored with LHD driving.


10. Citroen AX - because in diesel form it can get ridiculous mpg figures that will spit in the eye of hybrid drivers. How ridiculous? 87mpg US ridiculous, which got it into the Guinness book at the time, after a diesel example drove on one tank from Dover to Barcelona.


Which would you have?


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Taken on September 4, 2011