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Palestine_Acre_Amqa_NK15251 | by gnuckx
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Copyright note: This photo has been released to the Public Domain, or it is licensed under Creative Commons, or it falls under the doctrine of Fair Use as of United States copyright law, or I have received written consent by the author, rights owner, licensed source, or otherwise authorized by source to republish photos without any limitations. In any case it is widely posted in the Internet at large. Therefore, anyone can republish this photo anywhere else in the Internet or any other publication in accordance to the legal copyright status of the photo. This photo has been published exclusively for non-commercial didactical and historical purposes to illustrate the inalienable Right of Return of the Palestinians to their 1948 lands and homes in Palestine. Disemination of such didactical illustration is not only allowed, but also encouraged. At the very least, you are free to copy/link this photo as long as you recognize the source. Please contact me through flickrmail should you feel you retain legal copyright rights to this photo to accommodate all your requirements. Source:


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Taken in January 2018