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Swim and Fun Barbie 1

This is "Swim & Fun Barbie". She's supposed to be a basic playline swimsuit doll inspired by the first "Ponytail" Barbie doll (#850) from 1959. The name is a reference to the first Barbie commercial, which said she was "dressed for swim and fun". ^-^


Her outfit is a two-piece swimsuit with boy shorts. The fabric is striped like the original "zebra stripe" swimsuit, and the stripes meet at angles in front the way they do on the original suit. I used pink and white instead of black and white, though. I also applied glitter all over the fabric. ^-^ (It doesn't show very well in the pictures.) The belt and trim are metallic hot pink. She has open-toe shoes like the original Barbie doll's, but I used sandals instead of high heels since they're more practical for swimming... :) I painted the buckles on the sandals silver to batch the buckle on the belt.


Her body is the 1999 "Secret Messages" "belly button" body with the new PTR arms and non-bending legs. I don't like normal bending legs because they make dolls difficult to dress (plus, they always leak plasticizer now, which is gross). I love the new non-bending legs though. And the original doll didn't have bendable legs it sort of made sense. ^-^


BTW, I started working on this last year before the Bathing Suit doll came out. I wasn't surprised to find out a "real" doll like this was being made, but the similarities in the details (like the trim on the top) are a coincidence.


I want to make the other characters (Christie, Teresa, Ken, Steven, and Summer), but it's hard to find the right kinds of fabric... >.<


What I did: Made the outfit; painted the face; styled the hair; made the wrist tag.


PLEASE NOTE: This is a one-of-a-kind doll made by me. I have absolutely nothing to do with Mattel, and neither does this doll (other than the fact that the base parts were manufactured by them). It does not in any way reflect the views or opinions of Mattel, and is not intended to damage the reputation of the Barbie trademark. It was made for fun as a hobby.

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Taken on March 9, 2009