14 Richmond
This is our "new" house, a mid century ranch in North Central Lewiston.

The structure of the house is excellent, though the interior was at best, dated. So we are renovating the house to a mid century/modern theme. I've gutted the house and our contractor has been updating; wood floors throughout, new stone facade on fireplace, 12v halogen and LED lights throughout, etc and saving some things where it makes sense and brings out the mid century feel such as the doors.

Our kitchen cabinets are wood with thermofoil made by InnerMost (they are sold by Home Depot of all places, and we are evidently the first in the area to buy them) the quality is excellent and what you'd find throughout most of Europe.

The house is only several hundred feet away from Kelen's old elementary school which is being demolished and a new city park will take it's place.

The location is better than what we were looking for originally; desirable residential location, 7 minute walk to Bates, 10 minute bike ride downtown, 15 minute drive to Lost Valley/Taylor Pond, 35 minute drive to Freeport, etc.
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