Kingston University Foundation Application
“Art” lacks a satisfactory definition as from my point of view it is easier to describe it as the way something is done rather than what it really is.
Any general theory about art may have found its roots in the following assumption: Man reacts to the shape, surface and the mass of the objects with whitch he comes into contact using his senses.
The above thoughts have been evolving into my mind for many years but, what really marked my inner-self when I had to choose my future studies was Benedetto Croce’s statement: “Art is perfectly defined by its simple characterization as intuition”.
This was probably true, from a very early age, in my case, since my passion for drawing began to take shape when I could barely walk as one day I decorated a whole wall in my room with indelible pencils. This turned out to be a surprise for my parents taking into consideration the fact that I come from a family of doctors.
Later my parents’ anatomy books raised my interest and I started drawing muscles and parts of the nervous system. Then, I felt the need to redirect my attention and by discovering some old art albums I attempted to copy famous paintings like Dali’s “Metamorphosis of Narcissus”, Titian’s ”Venus of Urbino” and Magritte’s “Castle of the Pyrenees”. Little by little I ran out of paintings and albums to copy and I started adding my own elements which I found at the time absolutely necessary (seeing through the eyes of a child that I was).
During the years when I attended an art school (2005-2008) I gave up on reinventing other artists’ work and began creating. For me, it was a re-confirmation after I had won in 2004 my first international painting contest in Bobingen, that my work proved to be rewarded because in the following years I won several art contests.
Naturally, I chose an art highschool to attend and I was the second student to be accepted. This period has influenced my entire life as I discovered Escher, Ernst, Schiller, Goya, Fussli, Freud and many other artists’ works and my decisions were taken to go further and apply to an Art University.
Apart from my dedication to art I try to use my time as creatively as possible. In my spare time I like cooking and reading any kind of books as I am eager to permanently improve my general knowledge and expand my horizons.
Taking into consideration my expectations and my qualities, my strong academic abilities and the willingness to face new challenges I consider myself suitable to have the opportunity to study in your University, which would be defining for my future career.
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