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Bloodfall: Gotham Insider With Special Guest!

"Good evening, everyone, and welcome to Gotham insider! I'm your hostess Vicki Vale, and I have quite the guest for you all tonight."


Quite the guest, huh? Understatements.....


"So last night I was leaving from my report on Gotham News. I headed out back from the building and I was jumped by a mugger. Shocking, right? Luckily, I was saved, but not by Batman or Robin or Nightwing. Instead, what I got was someone who is highly regarded as one of the most dangerous people in Gotham. Criminals sweat in fear at the thought of him. He's tall, dark, deadly, and here tonight! Ladies and Gentlemen, Bloodfall!"




"Bloodfall, its still amazing that you actually agreed to come on here tonight."


"It's a pleasure to be here tonight, Miss Vale. I'm sorta a fan. I got my armor cleaned and deodorized just for this.


"Great to know! Now, you had alot of control over this interview. You asked that you appeared right here on set with me. Why is that? I mean, you had the options of video link, phone line,you name it!"


"Well, you see here Miss Vale, I decided to drag my giant ass on here to-oh wait, this is live TV isn't it?"


"Just be a bit careful on your word choices."


"Sorry sorry...anyway, I chose to be on here tonight in front of the cameras with you to show the people reality. I am here among these people in this city. I very much exist."


"Was someone denying your existence?"


"HAHA! It's stupid, really. Alot of people don't believe in me or and other 'crime fighters'. We're just myth to them, despite ridiculous amounts of evidence to prove so! I've had people tell me Batman isn't real. He's been around for almost what? 20 years now? I've talked to him many times. Not good talks, but still."


"So you're not on good terms with Batman?"


" I can't say so. We work too differently. Yet, this doesn't stop my small respect for him and his crew. They bring hope, tearing down monsters without tearing them apart like I do. I just make a mess.


"Speaking of your methods, is it true that you sometimes murder your targets? It's believed you're responsible for some of the more brutal killings of some of Gotham's worst."


"Duh,I've got evidence with me now. BEHOLD, THE BLADE OF AN ARMORED CRAZYMAN! Heh, I wasn't able to get all the stains out!"


"Whoa, wait, how'd you get a knife in here!?"


"You agreed to my conditions, remember? Don't worry, Miss Vale. I don't plan to use it. Im'a just put it right here...


"..uh, you shouldn't touch it..."


",you just confirmed that you do indeed kill these criminals. Why? Don't you wonder if that makes you no better than them?"


"Bleh, that bullcrap argument again? I am better than the things I destroy. The scum I deal with are the kind of scum that don't deserve to be called humans. These scum destroy, rape, and sell lives, sometimes in countless amounts. All the time without a second thought about these lives and what they are and what they might be. Lives that could have been great, cut short by a pile of worthless garbage with a gun, knife, stick, you name it. Garbage that lives off greed and the fear of those unable to fight back. I simply share that fear before I give them a full on demonstration of what they do to others. I'm not a murderer who kills people. I'm an exterminator who gets rid of vermin and makes the world a cleaner place for others. This happens with the destruction of one cereal killer/slaver/pedophile/rapist at a time. And I have no regrets for this either. My blade may be dirty, but my mind is clear.


"..............Okay...Well, that's all the time we have for this interview. It was..interesting having you here, Bloodfall. Stay with us after this commercial break!"








"My mind is clear."


Is it, now?

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