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Uncle Sam Is- Our Ambition


This project is in response to studio 360’s call-to-action, to “re-envision” Uncle Sam, as a National Icon. As an old, angry bearded white man, certainly the age-old symbol is hard to relate to, or to qualify as the embodiment of our patriotism.


After rounds of attempting to interpret our Nation through just one personification, I came to the conclusion that this was almost impossible.


The U.S.A. comes from a diverse background, and as a result is a multi-faceted entity. There are a million parts that make up our whole, and while there is no one image that every American relates to, there is certainly a set of values that we can all appreciate to be uniquely American. These values and pieces are, at least, a part of our short but vibrant history, and at most, an integral part of our patriotism today.


And so I present to you, the “Uncle Sam Is” icon set. Uncle Sam is far from dead. We just need to remember what he stands for. Though hard to pin down as any one thing, it can be sure that within Uncle Sam’s personality, these attributes can be found.


These icons were created in the tradition of patriotic political campaign pins. It became clear during the process that this project by no means ends here. There are many other aspects that ring true to the American spirit, and these could easily be added to the collection. Ideally, these pins would be made in masses, and distributed. Citizens could choose and collect the ones they feel represent their patriotism best, and wear them with pride. Far from deceased, Uncle Sam Is.


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Taken on June 15, 2010