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Thanks for tagging us, Agilestandard! Looks like we caught Roux babysitting one of his two litter mates. Let's see what he's got to share with us...


1. My name is Roux (roo) and my mom named me after clarified butter. At first I was a little uncomfortable with being named after a food component, but after all of the Food Network we watch together, I've come to enjoy my strange name!


2. I am a big 21 months old and stand a tall 24". So I'm short.. But I am one big Casanova!


3. Speaking of which.. I have a girlfriend! Her name is Layla and she is 75% poodle and 25% labrador. When we go out people always think she's the male and I'm the female... I'm okay with that. Though we may never have a litter, our love shall endure!


4. Pictured with me is one of my favorite litter mates, Olivia. She is older than I am by 12 months, but she's still smaller than I! Her twin sister Ava likes to wrestle with me. Just as they've helped me bond with humans, I've helped them become more comfortable with large dogs like me! I love them soooo much!


5. It's so hot here in Oklahoma... Mom keeps us inside during the day to play with my favorite toy (the racquet ball!!!) and then we enjoy runs in the evening. My mom is a good runner, but I can easily go further and faster than she (don't tell her I said that!)


6. I live with a black kitty named Luna. She is also older than I am, but still so much smaller! I am careful when I play with her, and let her rub up against me when she wants attention.


7. When mom got me at seven months I was scared of strange people coming and touching me. However, with lots of walks and playtime with strangers I've come to enjoy new people! I'm still timid of most men, though...


8. I know some tricks! I know heel, sit, stay, down, paw, sit pretty, go potty, come here, go to bed, crawl, back, leave it, and drop it! Speak is my newest trick, and I'm still not really sure what she wants me to do when she says it, but I'm learning.


9. I loooove squirrels and birds! Used to, when we would go running, I would veer off to chase them, but mom told me to stay with her, and now I only chase them when I'm unleashed.


10. I love my Flickr friends and hope to meet you all someday!

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Taken on May 2, 2010