Matt Clinton National Hill-Climb Champion 2008

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    Matt Clinton wins the 2008 National Hill-Climb Championship.

    He rode up a very steep hill in Matlock Derbyshire faster than everyone else. And puked up 4 times on the way back down. They say if you don't collapse or puke then you're not trying hard enough. I fell in the hedge on my first hill climb race on Curbar Gap, not sure if it counts as a collapse but fatigue had a certain amount to do with it.

    By the time the fastest seeded guys were coming through later in the afternoon the sun had niped behind a cloud.

    285HV stuck on a tripod, on the left (see shadows cast by the wheels) set to full power. Ambient knocked down a stop or two so as not to blow out the sky. Then "developed" the Raw a couple of times and blended the two exposures in GIMP. It looks a bit dark but never mind. I've been trialing Ubuntu Linux on my PC. It's looking good but unfortunately GIMP doesn't do adjustment layers, and I certainly can't live without them. Bummer. The F-Spot browser seems very nice. Speedy and does all the things I wanted Elements browser for, handles versions, tags, and uploads to flickr. Going to struggle a little getting my tablet up and running too I think. Oh well we'll see....

    1. Jeanette_d 77 months ago | reply

      Great shot - love the moody clouds in the background!

    2. James Dymond 77 months ago | reply

      Don't understand the blurb (!) but great pic Phil!

      No shots of Chris?

    3. Phil and Pam 77 months ago | reply

      Cheers guys. I like the clouds and the castle in the background, and his face. Just wish it was sharper and not as noisy, but I think that's partly due to my slack processing. Anyhow....

      Blurb basically means I've got the flash to the left side of camera and made sure I underexposed a bit to keep some detail in the sky :-)

      I've got a picture of chris gurning too. It's on it's way. Along with the other 100 or so Project365 pictures which are being sorted and tweaked. Hmmm. That could take a while.


    4. dpreece7 70 months ago | reply

      What a great photo! The speed Matt and the top guys rode up that hill needed to be seen to be believed.

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