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LoR- Lenfald LC18- Marquise Minerva Reglay | by Lord Mercat
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LoR- Lenfald LC18- Marquise Minerva Reglay

A truly Machiavellian woman. There is no better way to describe the Iron Lady of Elavia. Simultaneously of a steely disposition and a silver tongue, Marquise Reglay is one of the, if not the finest of aristocratic minds in all Roawia, let alone Lenfald. The youngest of 9 siblings, and a girl to boot, the Marquise adroitly outmaneuvered her father, and all 8 of her siblings to place herself on her family's seat of power all without spilling a single drop of blood. Ruthlessly effective, and cunning to a fault, Marquise Reglay is well-known for always coming out on top in virtually every scenario she is placed in. Two weeks before a Loreesi army detachment reached Elavia during the War of Loreesi Aggression, all citizens of the region were ordered not to drink from any of the wells within a hundred miles of the city, instead being issued rations of water from alternative sources. Reportedly, the Loreesi Army detachment, over 5,000 souls, their horses, and elephants fell gravely ill and perished within a week, only a day's ride from the gates of Elavia. Not a single drop of Lenfel blood was spilled: furthermore, after the wellwater was inspected by Lenfel forces who had accused the Marquis of war crimes it was found to be quite drinkable and seemingly un-tampered with. Her involvement in the issue was never proven. During the Reign of Queen Galanir, Elavia was notably silent during the entire time the Queen held sway. A veritable dead zone, no one of the rest of Lenfald or of the Queen heard from Elavia until the Queen's power had loosened. Upon inspection of Elavia by an army sent to "liberate" the city, Elavia was found to be in perfect order, with not a single dragon to be found in the entire city. When asked about it, the Marquise easily deflected the questions and provided no solid answers. Marquise Reglay is also well-known for giving the aristocratic backing necessary to form the now-legendary mercenary company: The Emerald Wolves, in exchange for an undisclosed favor, and the permanent assignment of protecting Elavia with no less than 1/6 of their total forces, effectively granting the region with a large, self-maintaining standing army at no cost. It is unknown what her contribution to the upcoming high council may be, but whatever the outcome, the Iron Lady is certain to benefit.

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Taken on March 9, 2014