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Slave 1

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Lego exclusive Star Wars Celebration VI

  1. Julius No 20 months ago | reply

    Awww! That's cute!

  2. Lucio Ismael 20 months ago | reply

    They should make an entire line with that scale instead re-releasing old models...

  3. Ezractly 20 months ago | reply

    Lookin forward to Han with the Falcon

  4. Ultron32 20 months ago | reply

    are they doing the falcon? maybe at NYCC...

    I'm glad theyre doing some chibi sets.
    according to the tin art, one of those grey pieces is supposed to be green.

  5. hawk2009 20 months ago | reply

    That piece is green, it's just reflecting the white of my background.

  6. brianbatesd 20 months ago | reply

    That's an awesome idea. I don't really like big sets because I'm more of a minifig collector. I wish!

  7. Captain Solo 20 months ago | reply

    Awesome! Any chance you can scan the instructions and post em?

  8. duel_of_the_baker 20 months ago | reply

    While your opinion is noted...what about us fans who literally have just got back into collecting LEGO? Plus the re-release of newer models ususally are better than the old models, the 2012 X-Wing is much more closer to the model in the film than the previous two X-Wings.

  9. Kenn Munk 20 months ago | reply

    The comeback of the Mini-Rig.

  10. skipthefrogman 20 months ago | reply

    What, no way! A lego Slave 1 that I could actually afford!

  11. Lucio Ismael 19 months ago | reply

    I totally agree, we need re-releases to keep our collections updated, but... do we really need all that x-wings that came out every year? They're basically the same since 2004, the 2012 version just added some neat details, but the set, overall, still the same (flip mechanism / angled nose / same cockpit).

    Although, 2012 Tie Fighters were the best models ever.

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