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Ruby Beach Aglow

This, my first visit to Ruby Beach, took place in mid October and many of my days on this trip had been filled with rain and fog - the kind of shooting I enjoy (as long as I can keep relatively dry). I arrived at the beach before sunrise and, was a dull and dreary morning, hardly conducive to exciting photos and so I decided to return for the sunset and hope for the best. By late afternoon, the sky was still filled with interesting but colorless clouds and, frankly I wasn't expecting much; besides, this being a weekend, the beach was filled with families, with children and dogs running everywhere... making photography "difficult" at best. But I decided to hang around and.... eventually everyone left, except for me and the gulls.


As the sun approached the horizon, I noticed a small window in the clouds beginning to form. Slowly, the clouds thinned and I knew I was in for something special so I scouted around for an area which would provide an interesting frame for my developing sunset. This particular beach is filled with many sculpted boulders, some scattered and some in large groupings; after a brief search I found an area which included an interesting grouping as well as a bit of the forest which bordered the beach; I set up my tripod, grabbed my grad nd filters and I waited in anticipation. Within minutes, the setting sun broke thru the developing window in the clouds and bathed portions of the beach in its wonderful warm light while adding yellows, oranges, magentas and purples to the now, beautiful cloud formations. It didn't last long, but it was dazzling while it lasted and I found myself almost giddy with delight for having been there to bear witness to such a beautiful spectacle of nature.


I guess I've been fortunate enough to be in the right place at the right time on quite a few occasions while toting my camera... and been lucky enough to come away with some wonderful memories and a few interesting photos to share with others / Olympic National Park, Washington. Scanned from Fuji Velvia / Enhancement by Mother nature! No hdr or exotic processing; I only recently learned what the letters stand for!


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Taken on December 30, 2008