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Blazing Seattle Sunset | by Surrealize
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Blazing Seattle Sunset

This is probably THE most popular location for people to take photos of the Seattle skyline. I used to live on Queen Anne Hill and would see this view daily... and never once get sick of it. I remember this day like it was yesterday, in that moment, knowing that the scene that was unfolding in front of me, was truly a once in a lifetime event. Though I've taken probably 1,000s of shots of this location over the years, I had never seen anything quite like it. Though the color in the sunset this day was absolutely breathtaking, the real draw for me were the multiple sets of lenticular clouds that formed over Mt. Rainier. It’s rare enough to catch the mountain on a clear day and be able to view one UFO shaped Lenticular cloud forming over the mountain, let alone mutliple sets stacked on top of one another. Throughout this day, up to 5 different sets of Lenticular stacks had formed and slowly moved off to the side of Mt. Rainier as the wind patterns shifted. Rumors state that lenticular clouds are a sign that the weather pattern is changing and rain is on its way within 24 hours. With how often it does rain here in Seattle, you’d think that these things would be more common! As colorful as this shot is, it really doesn’t do justice to the brilliant, near fluorescent orange sunset that was due West (this shot is facing South).


Though I have many personal favorites, this is really the photo that started it all for me. The one where all my previous years worth of HDR explorations finally "clicked" and everything came into balance. Some of you have seen this shot before and for those folks, I appologize :-) On the photo's one year anniversary, I decided to clean up my original image and run it through a slightly different post process. Also, when I joined Flickr almost 1 year ago, I didn't really know what I was doing and posted 30 images at once. This was buried deep within that set and sadly, never got any attention.


I must say, one year later, the creative "inspirado" that this one capture gave me is still going strong and I think I've taken more shots this year, than almost my previous 20 years of photography. Ah, the beauty of digitial :-)


Work took a bit of turn for me but has finally starting to calm down so I'm looking forward to getting back into my Flickr groove and checking out all he great work I've missed in the bit of time I've been away! Hope you all have a great week!

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Taken on December 5, 2008