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A Picture Perfect Day | by Zircon_215
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A Picture Perfect Day

This was a gorgeous day in the mountains. There was literally not a cloud in the sky and the breeze was just perfect for flying a kite. I took over 500 KAP shots with a new Canon camera, but haven't seen them yet because I ran the battery down and have to recharge it before I can upload them to the computer.


This trip was also a shakedown cruise to check out the new tracks I just installed on my Argo all terrain vehicle. This is one of the projects that has kept me busy in the last little while ... 360 track guides to install, 180 on each track, each with two bolts; two hinge sections to install on each track; eight wheels to remove and then axle extensions installed, each with 5 extension studs which had to be torqued properly; the circumference of each tire had to be carefully measured and then the wheels reinstalled on the new axles in a particular order depending on those circumferences; the two tires inner on each side had to be reversed so the tread was opposite to the outer two; then the tracks had to be installed by driving on the tracks, letting the air out of the first and last tires, dragging the rest of the track up over the wheels and then lacing the metal hinge sections together, installing a pin through the hinge and securing it with cotter pins.


Well, that's only part of it, but you get the idea ... it's been keeping me busy. :-) That and remodelling one of our bathrooms ... which still isn't finished. :-)


Anyway, they worked out great. So great that I just might retire the snowmobile. This thing hauls a ton of gear, has a heater, windshield wiper, winch ... comfort! Next project, convert it so that I can sleep in it if I want to stay overnight.


So, you could say this was a perfect day: the tracks worked perfectly, the new camera worked perfectly with my KAP rig, we had a 'boil-up' (that's a Newfoundland term) on the mountain, and the weather was ... well, you can see how the weather was.


Hope your day was great, too!


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Taken on April 10, 2011