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Lover Boy or Bad Boy? | by Zircon_215
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Lover Boy or Bad Boy?

The markings on the flukes of these humpback whales are pretty amazing, but this one is my favourite of the lot. They are so distinct on this one, that I saw and photographed it a number of times on this day.


I'm sure you've all seen examples of lover's initials carved in the bark of a tree ... usually inside a heart. At least one of my contacts has a photograph of just such a carving on their photostream. Anyway, if you look closely ... actually, you really don't have to look too closely since it's easy to see ... you can see the letters X and Y then a bar and under the bar, C and K. The tail looks a bit like a heart, too. So, Lover Boy.


But, look at the other two notes I've put on the photograph. What letter do you see inside the upper box? What letter do you see in the lower box? The lower one is tipped a little to one side, but it's there. So, is this whale a Lover Boy or a Bad Boy giving us whale watchers a naughty message? :-)


Anyway, pretty amazing stuff,wouldn't you say?


Check out where I put the notes on the small version and then check it out in the large version or View On Black


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Taken on August 2, 2010