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Battle Harbour Iceburg | by Zircon_215
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Battle Harbour Iceburg

This was taken in Labrador, from the small passenger ferry, Iceberg Hunter, which runs from the settlement of Mary's Harbour on the coast of Labrador to the island of Battle Harbour, which is about a one hour trip offshore. In comparison to the huge, seven square kilometer berg that is making its way from Grenland to Newfoundland right at this present moment, it is a small berg. Without that comparison, though, one would say it is relatively large ... towering above the small ferry. The captain obligingly made a little detour towards it so that we could get a better look and almost stopped the engines for a few minutes so that we could take photographs. Once the engines were throttled down, though, the little ferry did quite a bit of rolling in the swell and that made taking photographs and videos just a little bit tricky. Quite a few pieces had broken off the iceberg ... a few of which you can see on the right side. These small pieces are known locally as 'bergy bits'.


As a side note, the settlement of Battle Harbour is steeped in the history of Newfoundland ...and indeed, that of the world. It was there in 1909 that Commander Robert E. Peary called two press conferences ... making use of the tiny settlement`s Marconi Station wireless services... to make known to the outside world the details of his reaching the North Pole. These two press conferences were attended by news correspondence from as far away as New York ... and, when you consider the remotness of the area, you can just imagine the logistics that were involved there. Those press conferences were instrumental in touching off the great controversy between Peary and Cook as to who exactly had reached the Pole first. Some say perhaps neither, but the controversy occupied the front page of the New York Times for ten days and is still debated today. You can actually visit the same building where those press conferences took place over a hundred years ago, sit in the same room in the warm, third floor loft, in front of the very window where Commander Perry sat ... can actually sit where he sat, if you wish! Pretty amazing suff! If you ever have the opportunity to visit Battle Harbour, you shouldn`t pass it up.

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Taken on July 11, 2010