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Catch And Release

No, that's not Jennifer Garner (I wish) but a fellow angler releasing a small grilse (a grilse being a one sea winter salmon weighing about 3 to 3 1/2 pounds) I caught on the Pinware River in Labrador. Since this one was just in from the ocean ( I fish mostly in the tidal pools) its colors were intense! The photo does not even come close to capturing the irridescent silvers, purples, blues, and greys!

As are most of them in the lower part of the river, this one was a magnificent fighter. The pleasures of fly fishing are many but the four main ones are...getting a fish to rise for the fly; actually hooking it...which,for me, is the ultimate pleasure; playing it...especially if it's a fighter; and the second best thing...releasing it. I like where the right hand is held in this photo but not that the head is out of water. The left hand, I hope you notice, is not pinching the tail of the fish... just supporting it. That is definitely a good thing.So, two out of three on the release style. This is my fish ... but, not me releasing it. It is an angler who was nearby.

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Taken on July 9, 2007