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DSCN1675 (2006 July) Air Canada - Toronto to Zürich | by niiicedave
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DSCN1675 (2006 July) Air Canada - Toronto to Zürich

What a strange airline it was!

Air Canada is very informal and weird. They don't tell you to turn off your electronics on takeoff and landing. They don't care. They don't care how you stow your stuff. They don't help you with anything. They don't care. If you ring for service, they will never come - your service light will just stay on until you cancel it yourself. If you sleep through a meal, too bad. If you accidentally stand in the way of the crew while they are doing their job, they will bump you aside and make snide remarks. If you ask for a magazine, the attendant will say it's not in their job description to "provide you with entertainment - just to get you from point A to point B on your ticket as well as serve you the meals" - and that you should bring your own amusement if you needed it. If you get mad at them, stay calm. They are reportedly quick to arrest. Just mind your own business and you will never be bothered - the cabin is something of a pig's stigh - the planes are brand new - the captain doesn't talk to you over the intercom, they just land and say nothing! It's so bizarre! Their route into India from Europe took you directly over Afghanistan. It was otherworldly. The plane remained at steady altitude, the land below rises up to meet you, then you clear the awesome precipitous drop into the Indus River Valley of Pakistan, which lies in the evening shadow of Afghanistan, it still in full sun, city lights glowing from the benthic night the Indus is already into. Then the plane begins its descent to New Delhi. No announcement. But if you've seen a relief globe, you know from looking out the window where you're at.

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Taken on July 13, 2006