Maternity Shoot: Eryka

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    Flashpoint II 620A w/ 24" Softbox, Boomed Overhead & Feathered

    Triggered w/ Cybersyncs

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    1. JOE-3PO 52 months ago | reply

      Thanks Teresa! =)

    2. HankPaccino 52 months ago | reply

      Looks awesome !!!

    3. will9516 52 months ago | reply

      Beautiful shot. Gorgeous lighting.

    4. Chad McDonald 52 months ago | reply

      Wow this is really well done!

    5. JOE-3PO 52 months ago | reply

      - Thanks A Lot Guys!!!

    6. Photo--Graphy [deleted] 52 months ago | reply

      Incroyable photo

    7. JOE-3PO 52 months ago | reply

      - Hey Stephanie! My camera settings for this photo were 1/250s . f/9.0 . ISO 100 & I usually place the subject 5-6 feet away from my backgrounds. That helps to throw the winkles out of focus & smooth everything out. When I set up my lighting for a black background I try not to get any light on the black at all. That is why I used a 1/250s shutter speed, so it could kill any ambient light that there might have been room, & I adjust the flash so it only hits the subject & doesn't spill on the background. As far as the softness of the light that is hitting my subject in this photo, that just reflects the medium sized light modifier that I was using and how close it was to her, it was just out of the frame. The larger the light source & the distance it is to your subject determines how soft or hard that light will be.
      When I set up for a shoot using a white background I try and get the flash that is lighting my background 1 stop higher than what I'm lighting my subject. So say I expose my subject for f/5.6 I would want the background to be exposed for f/8. This will ensure that the background will blow out completely, giving me that clean pure white that I want.

      I hope that all makes sense and helps out ... Hahaha =)

    8. JOE-3PO 52 months ago | reply

      - Thanks!!! =)

    9. Robert Bejil Productions 52 months ago | reply

      very lovely shot man! lighting aside, you managed to capture the geniune emotion from the mom. Even if you lighting was terrible, this would still be a beautiful shot. Excellent job buddy! 32 thumbs up!

    10. JOE-3PO 52 months ago | reply

      - thanks Buddy!!!!!! =)

    11. RayPhotographer Potter 51 months ago | reply

      Joe this is nice, very nice!

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