Paul Ryan & Family

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    Taken at the Mitt Romney rally in Norfolk, VA. 08/11/12

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    1. James B Currie 32 months ago | reply

      I was going to delete those terrible comments, but I figured I would rather let everyone see what a jerk this person is. Although, I think I will report him/her, I saved screen shots of the comments incase he/she deletes them, I will still have copies.

    2. banshee29banshee48 32 months ago | reply

      that is an insult! if you knew God you would not feel that way , i can only pray for you. i am raising a mixed granddaughter and you want to kill her or her kind you have to come through me first!

    3. 1jim 32 months ago | reply

      If these Democrats that think Obama is so good. For the United States maybe they need to open up their eyes he is the worst president I have ever seen in my life. That Obama care is going to hurt every body the taxes in my state is going up on the first of the year because of Obama care if he's taking money out of Medicare for his Obama care all of these Democrats that think Obamacare is so great why won't they take I think they should have to take for himself and family members. Plus Obama should too

    4. klasse one 32 months ago | reply

      bush is by far the worst prsident america have ever seen and romney would be number two if he could win .thank god obama is going to kick his ass,with weird looking ryan,he look so creepy

    5. Ronald Highsmith 32 months ago | reply

      I really love you gutless S.O.B.S' when you don't use your real name or whether you are blac or White! I am WHITE!, my name is Ronald Highsmith and I live in Phoenix, Az. As for Obama, let's set the record straight, he is not balck or white, he's a MULLATO!!!! This is for 1jim, your right!!!!. history will show that he was the worst president that ever resided @ 1600 Pa. ave., when that happens though all the blacks will say he's white, and if he's so good, then why is "OBAMACARE" taking almost a Trillion dollars from Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid? Once again the man's a patological liar (did not Supreme Court Justice state that the penalty is a '''TAX'''), furthermore, Obama said he would cut the National debt in half and close Gitmo, by the way I think he also said that his Dad left his Mom when it was the other way around. I pray every day that Romney kicks the Sociopaths ass before this "GREAT COUNTRY" becomes THE UNITED "SOCIALIST" STATES OF AMERICA!!!!!!

    6. Discouraged2012 32 months ago | reply


    7. bubbazeigle 32 months ago | reply

      Thank you, Ron.
      I believe in liberty. I believe that we are on the wrong path. This is the United States. I would have moved to the Soviet Union or China if I wanted to live under socialist rule.
      We need to return to what made us a great nation. The corrections that need to be made are going to hurt, but something has to be done to protect the nation's future. Obama does not represent the heart and soul of America. He seeks to radically change our wonderful country. He has no ideas that will preserve our nation. He only wants to "fundamentally" change its path. I pray that Romney and Ryan stand strong.

    8. M. Howard 32 months ago | reply

      Anger closes minds. Take a breath. I know it's easier to label than discuss. That's why we have us against them politics. It's simple to yell. Listening is harder. I believe everything is gray. Not black and white. If your views are based on sound bites and political ads, the truth is lost.

    9. serious blue 32 months ago | reply

      @truth2012---I hope Romney doesn't let you down. We don't have a dictatorship in America and a President cannot singlehandedly create jobs. But maybe Romney can. I hope so for your sake.

    10. serious blue 32 months ago | reply

      Just me 815----I just had to respond to your comment. Obama chooses to be black for political reasons? He's been "black" all his life because he LOOKS black. This country will not consider him to be anything else.


      I wish posters would read, research and reason before simply repeating the misinformation they hear in political ads.

    11. earthgems 32 months ago | reply

      The LOT of you seem to show a lack of education and respect for the American way of life. I am 70 years old and can tell you that you all never had it so good! The elected men and women of America did what you wanted, if not, blame big corps.and wall street for what happened, not our prez.,, Congress, yes ,bears most of the blame.

    12. aruane 32 months ago | reply

      I am hoping that Romney/Ryan are a winning ticket or God knows what new laws will pass in the next 4 years. We are right on the verge of many changes. Lets all hope that we pick the right person to get us back to the good old USA we all love so much Ann Tinley Pk. Il.

    13. jerries2013 32 months ago | reply

      If we have 4 more years of Obama we will realy need god to save us!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    14. darrick 43yo 32 months ago | reply

      Wow, I have to admit from all of the various comments on this string really disturbing. I'm a Obama supporter and to be honest, every since he has been in office, he has been fighting daily against other politicians, whose sole purpose was to "Black Ball" everything he campaign to do for this great country. Guys listen, this country is not the same anymore. We are losing the battle on new technology, hence the reason why a lot of jobs are no longer here. Romney has always been one of the many of top level execs sending jobs to other countries (Bain Capital). I agree with Earthgems comment (aka 70yo), do your research folks. There are so many of you, who are so misleaded on what is truly at stake. For the record "Obama Care", is a way for a lot of people without health insurance to benefit from. If you are a 20yo college student, unemployed, elderly, etc. This would help you get medical treatment, which in my mind the most important thing first, second would be new jobs, because the old factory jobs are gone. Do your homework folks? Then pray..

    15. sammurai1 32 months ago | reply

      I ditto u'r thoughts and find it sad that so many Americans accept being abused and the notion of trickle down economy acceptable-these two men are the most loathsome in thoughts, actions&mindset and blatantly abusive of womens rights and human rights of minorities, women, immigrants from non European cultures, and pretend to be high and mighty to the world.

    16. sammurai1 32 months ago | reply

      Hello there, when people say what u just said about Obama in the manner u said it-I already know who u r-
      There is no fact or basis for Obama to be equated to Devil, he is gracious, overly polite, perhaps naive in his stratergy that GOP will work with him, when GOP is u-who believe from the bottom of their heart that anything non white with a Muslim Father is the Devil, u would rather have LDS running the White House so be it, but please say "I hate all black people and Muslims I believe anyone who originates from these races or relegion is the Devil" honestly u would be more credible, because one could argue well he told the truth about his personal biggotory-but calling a decent husband, father, brother, son and a caring President a Devil exposes u as a cheap biggot at best

    17. sammurai1 32 months ago | reply

      Is I have spell ck needs so be it, I do not have time to sp ck, but thanks for reading

    18. sammurai1 32 months ago | reply

      Congress takes 1 Billion daily and gives it to Israel-How do u justify that, by the way people are not gutless when they do not give their real name, they are concerned about the mental stability of gun owners and for their life, as people like Romney who deal with Salvadorian Gangsters have long arms

    19. sammurai1 32 months ago | reply

      Well rest easy when Romney takes all your funds to Cayman u will be in good shape my friend

    20. sammurai1 32 months ago | reply

      I like Ron policy towards Israel, but American Democracy wont allow him in

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