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"Escha-what?": Being a Theological Colloquy in Three Photographs, with Attendant Scurrilous Commentary, part the first

Greenpoint, Brooklyn.


I've been seeing a lot about these folks and the rumored 5–21–2011 apocalypse, so I decided to take a few photographs when I espied them from afar off in Greenpoint.


The young man holding this sign handed me a tract. He seemed put out by my focusing on making an image of his sign, and he said, "This is important."


To which I brightly replied, "Of course it is! Eschatology is always important!"


(The fair reader will be reminded that "eschatology" refers, of course, to Christian apocalypticism, the concepts of The End of Days, the Last Times, the Second Coming of Christ, etc. End-of-the-world stuff. But so well do you know this already, fair reader, that we would not further detain you on this point.)


To which reply a woman on my left (in front of the man here, no photo), wearing a t-shirt bearing a list of biblical quotations, said, " 'Escha-what?' It's not about that. It's about the Bible."


Click over to the next image for the exciting conclusion of this perilous theological predicament, this testing of doctrinal points that would fascinate an Aquinas, nay, a Jerome or even Saint Paul himself!

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Taken on May 14, 2011