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    Click here for full size view. Hasselblad 903SWC, Fuji Pro 800Z.

    Kamloops, BC.

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    1. Acoustic Company [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

      Do you think of your images as a continuous progression or are you making them as individuals? I like the two views together, it reminds me of Robert Frank's habit of doing the same thing.

    2. Levi Wedel 44 months ago | reply

      thanks lansur

      cody: a bit of both I guess, but I want them to also hold up individually. It's funny you should mention that, as I have some waiting to be scanned from late July when I went back to BC to Vernon, and I shot a progression of images down a street. It was somewhat accidental as every time I took a step I saw another picture and took it, figuring I would sort it out later.

      When I got the film back, I found that they were all really good and together they emulated the style of using Google Streetview. I'm planning on using them in a new series where I explore more of using the style of Streetview (but only the style; not the documentary quality).

      I think what interests me the most is that instead of the 2D, flat, parallel to building-front pictures often used to "map" streets photographically, Streetview does this in 3D space by looking down the street and allowing perspective, making for a different kind of mapping. Streetview is of course emulating driving down the street. While the 2D parallel images seem timeless and can be stitched together to make one long image, the interval nature of the Streetview images imparts a sense of time or progression. I'm still thinking about it, but I think there is a lot of potential.

    3. Acoustic Company [deleted] 44 months ago | reply

      I'm interested to see them, that sounds like an interesting approach. Also because I grew up in Vernon.

    4. Levi Wedel 44 months ago | reply

      Cool! I really like Vernon. Kelowna too. They aren't bulldozer crazy like Calgary, and their light is amazing. I could live in either place. I wasn't there long enough to take many pictures, but I'm planning to go back next year to Vernon for an extended stay.

    5. Denis Lacour 44 months ago | reply

      A bit sad but I love this photography.

    6. Terrorkitten 44 months ago | reply

      I like them both, Levi, but, the previous image has it for me too. Both strong images, in my opinion.

    7. KJ3 apparently 44 months ago | reply

      I like the claustrophobic feel the power lines give, but I really want that bush to be dead centre. I wish the powerlines were parallel to the frame, (tho I can see why they can't be) and the left of the frame is a bit dead. There's a good shot in that location but i'm not sure this is it. imho.

    8. Levi Wedel 44 months ago | reply

      thanks denis and phil

      jon: that articulates my feelings exactly

    9. Clément Paradis 44 months ago | reply

      The very interesting comments in both pictures prove their quality... I can relate with what you say about composition and how photos look sloppier and sloppier sometimes - composition wise, sometimes I feel like I have taken a few good shot... Fortunately, photo is not entirely about that so I can keep breathing. Personally, I prefer this one by the way. I agree the composition is very straightforward, but sometimes it feels good. I'm astonished of the result you got with the 800z also - you made it work as a charm here.

    10. Clément Paradis 44 months ago | reply

      I may change my mind... i'd have to see them printed ...

    11. Levi Wedel 44 months ago | reply

      thanks Clément

      I'm probably going to take this one down sooner than later. The other one satisfies me enough to leave it up, but this one bothers me more and more. I think it is important that I remain as critical as possible of my work. Once in a while I test the waters like I did here, but eventually some of those photos begin to irritate me enough that I don't feel bad getting rid of them, while others sometimes become favorites of mine. I have a third photo I had made in this place which I may post later. It is similar to this one but I think much better.

      The 800z is/was a really wonderful film! I wish they still made it. I only have a few rolls left.

    12. Clément Paradis 44 months ago | reply

      Yeah I can relate, though I rarely delete stuff I posted cause my online spaces are just an unfinished work - but in my final selections there's no place for something bugging me. I know my work is finished when I'm totally "at peace" with it. ... I think I still have a box of 5 800z, I actually didn't know it was discontinued... what a shame! I loved to have 800 film in 220.

    13. Levi Wedel 44 months ago | reply

      me neither, unless it bugs me enough. I think this one bugs me a lot because it was so close and yet so far away from what it could be.

      yeah, 800z was discontinued over a year ago along with 160C, my other favorite film, which is why I've been using Portra 160VC for the last while (which is also discontinued, but I bought 80 rolls of it, and at the rate I shoot that could last 1-2 years).

      I couldn't afford to load up on the Fuji films before they were gone, but once I heard 160VC was going too I managed to scrape some money together. Now there are no saturated color neg films on the market. Except maybe Ektar 100, but from what I've seen of it I don't like it that much. I'm considering switching back to my original favorite film after the 160VC runs out: Provia 100F, but it means mailing out my film to get the E6 done, which is a pain.

    14. Photomawf 44 months ago | reply

      cant stop coming back to these two.... fucking fantastic work

    15. Clément Paradis 44 months ago | reply

      Interesting - I didn't know about those discontinuations with Fuji, I know about kodak because it's what I usually shoot... I bought stocks of fuji though cause it was inexpensive at a time. Ektar is indeed very saturated, I never tried it in 120 but I'll probably do in the future. I don't know if you can / like to process your films yourself, but it's very possible to do c41 and even E6 at home. Tetenal does very nice little kits for that, you can process @ 38 or 30°C which is not too complicated, and you can get some water heater for something like 15$ to be more stable...

    16. Levi Wedel 44 months ago | reply

      thanks stephen!

      clément: unfortunately I have a lot of health problems which make doing it myself not an option.

    17. Clément Paradis 44 months ago | reply

      I'm really sad to hear that... Not that you're missing countless hours working in the dimlight... In the end it's good that you take care of yourself and maybe focus on the taking part of the photography!

    18. ✞bens▲n 44 months ago | reply

      love your composition and style.

    19. Levi Wedel 44 months ago | reply

      thanks bens!

      clément: haha yeah I gotta make sure I'm still around to take pictures in the first place :)

    20. Faun_Cph 41 months ago | reply

      easy for one instantly to love this : so many details and coinciding lines and directions and elegance : plain beautiful

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