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All of my contents now , have been churned into dancing suns and moons. | by Nick Kenrick..
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All of my contents now , have been churned into dancing suns and moons.

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just love this poem by Hafiz . and i wanted a perfect fit for this image





The stars poured into the sky

Out of a Magician's hat last night,

And all of them have fallen into my hair.

Some have even tangled my eyelashes

Into luminous, playful knots.



You are welcome to cut a radiant tress

That lays upon my shoulders.

Wrap it around your trembling heart and body

That craves divine comfort and warmth.

I am like a pitcher of milk

In the hands of a mother who loves you.


All of my contents now

Have been churned into dancing suns and moons.


Lean your sweet neck and mouth

Out of that dark nest where you hide,

I will pour effulgence into your mind.


Come spring

You can find me rolling in the fields

They are exploding in

Holy battles


Of scents, of sounds - everything is

A brilliant colored nova on a stem.


Forest animals hear me laughing

And surrender their deepest instincts and fears,


They come charging into meadows

To lick my hands and face,


This makes me so happy,

I become so happy


That my rising wink turns into a magic baton.

When my soft-eyed creatures see that wonderful signal

We all burst into singing


And make strange and primal beautiful sounds!


My only regret in this world then becomes:


That your shyness keeps you from placing

Your starving body against God


And seeing the Beloved become so pleased

With your courage


That his belly begins to rock and rock,

Then more planets get to leap

Onto the welcome mat of existence

All because

Of your previous love.


The friend has turned my verse into sacred pollen.

When a breeze comes by


Falcons and butterflies

And playful gangs of young angels

Mounted on emerald spears


Take flight from me like a great sandstorm

That can blind you to all but the Truth!


Dear one

Even if you have no net to catch Venus

My music will circle this earth for hundreds of years

And fall like resplendent debris,

Holy seed, onto a fertile woman.


For Hafiz

Wants to help you laugh at your every




Wants you to know


Your life within God's arms,

Your dance within God's



Is already




~ Hafiz ~

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Taken on August 20, 2010