Columbia Roadster
This is my new project- learn how to take apart and put back together a bike. Blue is of unknown age, but I suspect early 70's- her serial # drops her in 2 different batches that are 20 years apart. Her Sturmey-Archer is a 1962 but the shifter is much more recent (both in good working order. I am afraid to take the SA apart, so I may just refill the 80 weight oil and be done with it). The wheels and front fork are not original, but whoever put her back together orginally did a good job- the chrome fork looks very good with the rest of the bike.

The whole bike is very sound except for the paint. I love the colour, and the graphics are in good enough shape that I could recreate them by hand. The question is, do I repaint? I know Blue isn't worth much, but there is a lot to learn here, and my daughter is drooling over her even without clean up.

I have taken most of the fiddly parts of the bike off. Now for the cranks, BB and head set. I found a seat post and vintage seat in the right colour scheme!!! The only other 'large' purchase for this will be white tires. Today I will work on the paint on the fenders and chain guard. Pictures will be posted later today.

I have also been invited to post on the progress of Blue on the Old Bike Blog, so go check that out.

Lastly, the gentleman I bought Blue from, August is following along, as well! I think that is really cool : )

I got the head set, cranks and bottom bracket off. They are all in much better shape than I expected them to be. The whole bike is disassembled now, and I have taken as much rust as will come off of the fenders and chain guard (using penetrating oil really helped the paint!) so I now move on to the frame and seeing what can be done about the paint damage. The seat and post will be here thise week!!

4-27-09 She is done! The seat and post are perfect (not Columbia parts, but this is not a perfect restoration). We have added a basket and found there is a dead zone in 2nd gear that puts it into neutral, so you have to be careful to hear the gear change to make sure the break is working.

While cleaning Blue up, we discovered that her original owner was named "Caroline" as her name has been engraved into the bottom of the BB. I bet by her father : ) It gives Blue a bit more history.
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