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Camping on Little Dewey Lake

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We hiked around Dewey again, and this was the shot of our camp from the far side of Little Dewey. I guess you wouldn't call it "stealth camping" as everyone could see us from the PCT.

  1. PapaDaveLavell 74 months ago | reply


    I'm an amateur songwriter and I'm building a slideshow to post to YouTube for a song of mine called, "CAMP". Your photo at www.flickr.com/photos/33346716@N03/3956549650/ is excellent. Can I use it in my slideshow? (I'll credit you for it- perhaps "courtesy of cruiznbye@flickr")


  2. cruiznbye 74 months ago | reply

    You are more than welcome to use the photo.

    Steve Cyr

  3. PapaDaveLavell 74 months ago | reply


    Thanks! I'll credit you for the photo in the slideshow, and I'll send you a link once I get the slideshow posted to YouTube. It'll probably be about a month.

    -Papa Dave

  4. PapaDaveLavell 73 months ago | reply


    Thanks again for permission to use your photograph. I've finished my project and it's posted to YouTube at www.youtube.com/watch?v=05ktXBadXNA

    -Papa Dave

  5. cruiznbye 73 months ago | reply

    Dave, Nice video on youtube and enjoyed seeing all the camping pics.

  6. LiamNewman 71 months ago | reply

    Hi Steve,
    I was hoping to use this picture for a presentation I am doing for a University project, representing 'beautiful scenery'. Would it be ok if I used it?
    Best wishes

  7. cruiznbye 71 months ago | reply

    LiamNewman you're most welcome to use the photo. Little Dewey Lake is a nice get away a few miles off of Hwy 410 near Chinook Pass. It sits next to the larger Dewey Lake a much larger lake and popular destination for hikers and backpackers.

  8. ervintj 50 months ago | reply

    Hello Steve,
    I'm setting up a website in honor of my best friend who went to doggie heaven last spring. We spent many good times camping with the kids and I'd like to use your video to promote the site, if that meets your approval.
    Happy Holidays

  9. cruiznbye 49 months ago | reply

    Hi Tom,
    You can use any of my photos you wish, no problem with that. My photo was put into the youtube video by Flikr memer PapaDaveLavell www.flickr.com/photos/papadavelavell/


  10. ervintj 49 months ago | reply

    Thank you Steve and for the link. Merry Christmas.

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