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Wil Shipley Innovator | by "CAVE CANEM"
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Wil Shipley Innovator

Wil Shipley: Delicious Library Inventor & Chief Executive Monster


(below is public info in his own words)


I believe the best software is written by small groups of people who have both passion and vision. Passion is easy to define; you care so deeply about something that it wounds you if it's done poorly. Vision can mean different things, but I mean the ability to not just come up with new ideas, but to actually be able to see how they would integrate with people's lives. Vision without passion gives you a guy who sitting on couch saying, "Flying cars! Wave of the future! Mark my word, the guy who invents that's going to be rich... pass the chips." Passion without vision gives you America's current political situation, where we allow huge companies to destroy the world but pass laws to make sure nobody marries a turtle.


I started programming when I was 12, taking college courses from my Dad in BASIC and Pascal, and generally making myself unpopular with the real students. I taught myself assembly at age 14 by reading Steve Wozniak's Apple II ROM code, which is still the most amazing hand-optimized code I've ever seen. (When we first opened our web store at Omni Mr. Wozniak was kind enough to buy more copies than he could ever use, I assume because he believes in underdogs. He's a good guy.) At 15 I joined my Dad's consulting company and wrote inventory tracking software and programmed cash registers, and at 17 I wrote a program on the Apple IIe for gathering data on precancerous cells for my Mom. Ah, nepotism.


(So it goes C.C.)

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Taken on June 28, 2007