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A dream come true...

but only for a little bit. u__u


I had always wanted to be able to use both faceplates at once, so when I got a chance to get a second Twiggy Yumi recently, I jumped on it - my sweet husband told me he would get her for me for our 19th anniversary. :)


I was really excited, but taking a picture of them standing together made me so nervous- I was afraid I'd knock one of them over while posing the other one!


I started thinking it was impractical to have two identical dolls that are so rare and valuable, especially if I am nervous taking their picture together, which was the whole point in getting her. :(

So reluctantly, I have put my second one up for auction on DoA. I will still have my Kiyomi and Terumi- they will just have to go back to sharing the one body.


I have not felt like myself lately - not really interested in my dolls, or being creative. There's been some incredibly depressing things going on in my town, and I just feel sad lately.

Unfortunately, she arrived at just the wrong time for me. :(


These pictures are so crappy, but I am just not feeling inspired.

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Taken on October 2, 2010