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Butia capitata (Butia odorata) | by wallygrom
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Butia capitata (Butia odorata)

This palm, supposedly slightly tender, came through the last two winters well ... and they were harsh! Well ... harsh by West Sussex standards anyway ...


From Wikipedia -

Butia, also known as a Pindo Palm or Jelly Palm, is a genus of nine species of palms in the family Arecaceae, native to South America in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina. Most species produce edible fruits, that are sometimes used to make alcoholic drinks.



Butia archeri

Butia campicola

Butia capitata (Wine Palm, Jelly Palm, Pindo Palm)

Butia eriospatha (Woolly Butia Palm)

Butia microspadix

Butia paraguayensis (Dwarf Yatay)

Butia purpurascens (Purple Yatay Palm)

Butia stolonifera

Butia yatay (Yatay Palm)

They are 'feather palms', with pinnate leaves 2-4 m long. The species vary from nearly stemless plants rarely exceeding 40 cm tall (e.g. B. campicola) to small trees up to 10 m tall (e.g. B. yatay).


Butia capitata is notable as one of the hardiest feather palms, tolerating temperatures down to about −10 °C; it is widely cultivated in warm temperate regions.

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Taken on April 14, 2010