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Soleirolia soleirolii 'Aurea' | by wallygrom
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Soleirolia soleirolii 'Aurea'

West Dean Gardens near Singleton, West Sussex ... including the annual Apple Fair.


Soleirolia soleirolii (Helxine soleirolii) is a plant in the nettle family Urticaceae. It has a number of common names, including Baby's Tears, Angel's Tears, Mind-your-own-business, Peace-in-the-home, Pollyanna Vine, Polly Prim, Mother of thousands, and the Corsican Curse. It has also been called Irish Moss ... however, it is not a moss, and other unrelated plants also go by that name.


This species, the only member of the monotypic genus, Soleirolia, was named after Joseph-François Soleirol by Esprit Requien. Soleirol, an amateur botanist, originally collected the plant in Corsica.


It is a delicate-looking creeping herb with bright green or yellow leaves and multitudes of tiny white flowers. It grows close to the ground in mats and is sometimes used in ornamental gardens alongside ferns and other moisture-loving types of plant. There is a form with golden leaves, and one with silver variegated foliage.


The leaves are usually slightly stalked, about 5 mm across. The minute flowers produce oval seeds.


It can be grown indoors as a houseplant, but it thrives equally well outside. It prefers shade and moderate moisture. It can even grow submersed in swampy environments. In colder regions the plant dies back during winter, but it returns with lush growth as the temperature increases.


It is capable of vegetative reproduction, so to eradicate it once it has become established in an area, the entire plant must be removed, or else it can sprout new growth. It is a common weed in many places.

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Taken on October 2, 2016