CY6 Jet Age
We played two CY6 Jet age on December 19th. These were the 1st two games of CY6 Jet Age that we have played, but two of us were veteran (Egyptians) CY6 Players and the other two (Israelis) had never played any form of CY6 before. The first game was two MiG-17s and two MiG-21PFM. Each pair of MiGs had a +1 pilot and a 0 pilot. The Israeli's had a+2 pilot and +1 pilot.
The first game was an Israeli victory. One MiG 17 destroyed and one MiG-17 damaged. One MiG-21 loosed all it's missiles (2 Atolls) at one Phantom and they both missed, go figure.
The second game consisted of two MiG-19F and two MiG-21MF. The same distribution of pilot skills were used. Different result though. One MiG-19 was shot down on turn 7. On turn 9, a MiG-21 was shot down and the Phantom driven by the +2 Pilot was shot down also.
CY6 Jet age is another grand game

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