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When green isn't green | by Peter Blanchard
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When green isn't green

Corporate agriculture on the experimental farm, your tax dollars at work. Ironically, note the much greener field beyond the sprayed one. Maybe the dandelions know something we don't (they've been here 350 million years longer, and will probably out-survive our shenanigans). Nearby, the relatively tiny organic gardens remain unfunded and largely ignored by the government. Agriculture Canada has been called an "owned" department, implying that their decisions are directed, one way or another, by corporate interests, lobbying and disinformation. Controlling and selling monoculture and its related chemicals is highly profitable, and so gives industry a big voice. Whither public interest, healthy food and sustainability?


Corporate agriculture: where squeaking out an extra percentage point of short-term profitability is valued above all other considerations, such as fossil fuel dependency, soil sustainability, disaster resiliency, biodiversity, small business, family farms, climate change, healthy rural communities, local food, seed saving. It's all about maximizing corporate profit through the centralization and control of food production. Food as a factory product. Nature in a box. I look forward to the day when Monsanto and the like need to hold bake sales to raise funds — while farmers and gardeners are thriving in an honest, democratic economy. Canada certainly isn't there yet.

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Taken on May 12, 2012