Genetically Modified Food

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    This beautiful image belies the fact that this crop is probably genetically engineered and certainly designed for large, pesticide-ridden monocultures. Central planning anyone? Meanwhile, the tiny organic demonstration gardens nearby seem unfunded and underrepresented. At the Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa. See: Family farming and
    Small-scale agriculture vs. Factory Farms (2). Sustainable agriculture organizations in Canada (2) (3) including the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network.

    Central Farm or Central Planning?

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    1. mikescottnz 62 months ago | reply

      If you search under 'explore' in flickr with the words/terms

      (1) 'Codex Alimentarius' today (363 uploads) or (2) Or 'gmos( 660 results ) matching gmos. (2a) 2,648 results matching just 'gmo'.
      (3) Found 3,161 results matching 'biotech'.

      We like your picture of this issue and we would be delighted if you either join up with us and/or post your picture on our group here on Flickr : and perhaps add the tag 'gmo free' or 'sans ogm'.

    2. operaticomnivore 61 months ago | reply

      beautiful photo! I used it for my blog:

      Thanks for sharing!

    3. mikescottnz 61 months ago | reply

      Yes it is a great picture Peter .Thanks for posting it on the gmo free group as well.

    4. mikescottnz 49 months ago | reply

      List of approved genetically engineered foods in Canada
      by Ryan Slifka on Wednesday, April 8th, 2009

      (also see True food guides by Greenpeace et al in several countries)

      in Food Policy

      The public is generally uninformed as to what is in our food. If you’re reading this blog regularly, that’s probably already a given. Due to the fact that our parliament (through a bi-partisan effort) insists on keeping this important information from Canadians, we’ll reprint an excellent table made by the Canadian Biotechnology Action Network outlining the genetically engineered foods approved for Canadian consumption. Note the list of actions you can take while shopping for food to avoid eating something harmful that you really don’t want anything to do with. If only there was a single label that would make this so much easier…

      The most interesting thing I find about this list is that the products that are approved tend not to be foods like apples, pears, carrots and the like, but commodity foods like corn, soy and canola–foods with the largest economic interests backing them. Since these three are in virtually every processed food, it means that Canadians really can’t escape from the reach of GE unless they buy organic. What kind of consumer “choice” is that? What the hell is in your can of Irish stew? ved-genetica...

    5. next one2011 34 months ago | reply

      Hi Peter I used this photo in my anti GM food blog. I saw your picture of milkweeds and wondered why no one has ever tried to make plastic out of them?

    6. Random Notions 22 months ago | reply

      Thank you for sharing the picture under a CC license. It appears on Random Notions with a link to your profile.

    7. mikescottnz 22 months ago | reply

      GMO now gets (12,450 Flickr results) though it includes 'GM & O' rail or a couple of other anomalies. Biotech (13,687 results).

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