Election night crowd, Wellington, 1931

Photographer: William Hall Raine

Election night crowd, Wellington, 1931

Reference number: 1/2-066547-F

Original negative

Photographic Archive, Alexander Turnbull Library


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  • fjbezos 2y

  • Farhad Rahman 2y

    Excellent and mindblowing snap
  • NOL'Z 2y

    they are in their best then, in crowd like that; if it is today's crowd, you can see somebody in nude. Great work!
  • Ric Granroth 2y

    someone musta had a heckuva sale on hats
  • toddlertoes 2y

    @paul anthony bulao Follow: brilliant comment
  • Iván Hernández Cazorla 2y

  • nobodySal Manonongravityonda 2y

    i wish vto cancel flickr. i donot want you on my computer, what dont you understand
  • nobodySal Manonongravityonda 2y

    yes get off my computer. i will contact the fcc
  • Lara Williams 1y

    Amazing capture! Wonderful!
  • ShutterObscura 1y

    This is so cool, i love it!
  • ShutterObscura 1y

    Now can anyone spot the police officer in the crowed!?
  • Martin O'Reilly 1y

    I can see two
  • Crowe H 1y

    Hard to believe almost all these people are dead...nuts looking at old pics.
  • ShutterObscura 1y

    Martin O'Reilly ahh touché!
  • Pankaj Singh 8mo

    wonderful crowd. All well dressed.
  • GoodGuy GoneBad 6mo

    It was the best of times for the hat makers. JFK had to come along and spoil the party
  • mikescottnz 6mo

    Just three year election cycles in New Zealand here is the Depression era .

    A similar vintage photo was used in the NZ Wellington-based newspaper today page A7 with the headline on M.J." 'Savage voters ignored slur of reds and poisoned chocs'."

    In 1935 Wellington's papers watched on as Michael Joseph Savage became the country's first Labour prime minister.
    We could certainly do with a genuine 'most-beloved' leader in NZ right now.


    I heard a rumour that they do a good cup of coffee & haircuts in Wellington, New Zealand. (Excellent live music too!! ) checkout this awesome post punk, hardrock & piano from those good old days...

    U2 - October / New Year's Day - Live at Red Rocks ( 1983 )

    U2 - New Year's Day / Les Enfants du Rock ( French T.V ) 1983

    Happy New Year 2015

    cheers Mark L Frankling
    Bourgogne, France
  • spelio 22d

    An amazing shot, he must have had a powerful flash! Like the Diprotodon we used for large cave photos..
  • lylejk 10d

    Very cool capture. Hope it doesn't offend anyone that I did the following with this image. :)

    Standing room only by lylejk
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