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    Picture Post - February 17th 1940

    1. Aussie~mobs 60 months ago | reply

      I guess these were no better for you than today's sunbeds.

    2. old school paul 60 months ago | reply

      The only difference is that we are more aware of the dangers now, but people are still prepared to damage their health for vanity.

    3. WaterWindStars 60 months ago | reply

      May I have your attention, gentlemen? Note that Mixray spelled backwards is Yarxim. I harbour an indubitable suspicion that this Vitaminising gizmo is more than likely not humanoid at all, indeed I suspect that this allegedly unique mercury vapour discharge lamp is an illicit import from the Perihellion Galaxy. "Atlas Exporters and Importers" -- there's the proof! "Infra-Red" - a Communist plot! Back away from it, gentlemen, back away very very slowly.

    4. old school paul 60 months ago | reply

      shiraluna I suspected as much, you have verified my fears, this is very dangerous and should be avoided at all cost.

    5. froggyboggler 60 months ago | reply

      Take your CHancery on the Thing From Perihel if you think those waveries will make you well...

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