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Day 288/365 - The Vegtables Made Me Do It! | by Michael Herb
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Day 288/365 - The Vegtables Made Me Do It!

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On the eve of my 7th day of nothing but juice and raw fruits and vegetables, I'm starting to really feel the craving for some of my favorite foods. Foods like, chicken, hamburgers, hotdogs, pasta salad, eggs, cheese and of course Guinness beer! Tomorrow will be rough as family dinner will be Spaghetti and I will be drinking juice! I only have till wednesday so I think i'll be ok.


The theme for today's picture came out of my craving for meat. Actually my original idea was more on the vegan side but after running this idea by Joyce she really seemed to like the bloody one. I agreed to this only if she cleaned the Juicer. Wanting blood, she agreed.


No, I don't support, promote or condone cannibalism, but figured it might make a pretty cool theme. Who better to eat then Joyce! She was really a trooper when it came to spattering the blood onto her face. I went out into the garage and using the airbrush paint that I use on Rylan, spattered it all over her face using the air compressor. Joyce giggled saying it tickled! Until tonight, I thought it was only Rylan acting like it tickled… go figure the little guy was telling the truth!


With Tripod setup I snapped several shots of Joyce Juicing a beet. This gave me a good base for the blood. With the camera and set un moved, Joyce and I jumped in and using the natural face making skills we each must have been born with, acted as if I was really juicing her arm! I think we pulled it off nicely. Funny thing was my father wanted to make sure we remembered to unplug the juicer before putting our hands in it. We assured him that it was unplugged and the blade was removed.


We didn't shoot forever since the shot was pretty straight forward. Post production is where it came together. I overlaid the shot of the juice flowing from the spout into the glass with the shot of Joyce and I. I masked out everything but the spout, showing through the layer behind. I then heavily dodged and burned the highlights and shadows to accentuate the hard lighting I had already achieved in camera. The blood spatter was a random brush I found online. I used a slight bevel and emboss to give the blood some highlights.


The "blood" on the goggles was really water. I painted each water droplet red individually to finish off the shot.


Its been a while since I've done a shot with a gory theme and find it refreshing to see some blood every now and again… as long as its not mine! Actually, if you go back in my portfolio you can see a shot with similarities. I was holding a cleaver and cutting potatoes. Its crazy to look back and see the difference in style and skill. Check it out at…


Cleaning up the mess I followed the extension cord to the wall to find out that the juicer had been plugged in the whole time! good thing the blade was out… that could have been really bad. At least the blood would have looked more real!




AB800 Med Softbox 2:00 Full power (this is causing the harsh edge light)

AB800 Beauty Dish Boomed at 6:00 (for general fill)


Triggered Via Cyber Sync and Cyber Commander.

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Taken on October 15, 2011