Bristlecone Pines
Anyone interested in Bristlecone Pines should read "The Bristlecone Pine Book: A Natural History of the World's Oldest Trees" by Ronald M. Lanner. I say this because if you are interested in the facts of these amazing trees, this is where you should look.

Here in this set, I am focusing on the power and beauty of these ancient trees, and how transitory our lives are when compared to theirs.

I am also providing these images for bonsai enthusiasts with some suggestions. Look at the multi-trunked form of these trees. The deadwood is gorgeous, but it is not the high white color produced by lime sulphur, nor is it a uniform dull grey. As you continue your contemplation, I'm sure you'll notice many other things that this brief introduction has no space for.

I just published a book based on this set. I selected 16 of these images and reprocessed them. The book is called "Bristlecone Pines at Cedar Breaks." You can see a preview of it by clicking on this url:
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