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Anaglyph Garage Culture

No, I'm not talking about garage culture as in cars.


I'm talking about a phenomenon I first observed here in Des Moines, early in the 2000s, when people were acquiring stuff. Quite a few people here in the suburbs accumulated so much, they had no space in their houses to put it, so they stashed it in the garage. This meant, of course, that they couldn't park their cars in the garage, so they filled up the driveway as a parking lot.


I've been trying for years to take a picture of this, but it has been difficult. The garage has to be open, and it is preferable to have the home owner somewhere around, on the property, ideally in the garage or on the driveway. I wanted to be invasive, but not so invasive as to cause embarrassment to the owner, or a bad situation for myself. Finally, in Hawaii, I found the ideal situation for visually exploring garage culture. If you look into the garage, you'll see a woman is in there doing something. She was obviously distracted with her belongings, so I popped a couple of shots.


This picture is a 3D conversion of an original 2D photograph. Use red/cyan glasses to see the 3D or enjoy it as is.


I'm interested in taking more shots like this, but it will probably take some time.


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Taken on February 20, 2012