Giant Zucchini

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    Hi all! I'm glad you are enjoying my zucchini child. I didn't grow him, my uncle did in his new high-tech organic garden. I hear the broccoli is monstrous, too. Anyway, I put up a post on my food blog Iron Stef about the first thing I made out of this guy/. Zucchini bread, of course!

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    1. everyday_j 83 months ago | reply

      For some reason, last year, our humble garden yielded a plethora of gigantor zukes, as well.

      I'd seriously watch out. Zucchini uprising!

    2. J. Star 83 months ago | reply

      That, is one huge-ass zookini. What did you feed that thing?

      Seen on BoingBoing. Congratulations. ;)


    3. supersnackcake 83 months ago | reply

      Holy crap, you ended up on BoingBoing for this! I can say I knew you before you were famous...

    4. rosaenhorningen 83 months ago | reply

      Here's the biggest one we found last year, weighing in at about five kilos.

    5. Aaron Landry 83 months ago | reply

      Hopefully it would survive impact with an airbag.

    6. helloitabot 83 months ago | reply

      Or maybe thats just a really small car. Midget car?

    7. bug_g_membracid 83 months ago | reply

      I've done this myself accidentally. If you forget one for a week, they can get huge.

      (This is the part where I say *my* zucchini is bigger than yours :) )

    8. stefan_e_jones 83 months ago | reply

      When I moved to the west coast, I was surprised to see that zukes were small, skinny things, like slightly rowdy cucumbers.

      I was used to the Body Snatcher Pod sized variety that grew in our garden on Long Island.

    9. Gilgongo 83 months ago | reply

      This is a marrow - what the hell is all the fuss about? It's a fairly average sized one too by the looks of it.

      Don't they have marrows in America?

    10. blah blah blah 83 months ago | reply

      my mom and I always used to let one of our zuchinnis grow humongous at the end of the summer. Then we would try and pass it off on unsuspcting people, by sneaking it into their cars, on their lawns, etc.

      I love Boing Boing's take: "who needs to procreate when you can grow a giant zuchinni?"

    11. antikewl 83 months ago | reply

      Lol @Gilgongo -- I was just thinking the same thing. I'm sure my local supermarket has these all year round. :)

    12. Fun Monitor 83 months ago | reply

      shouldn't that thing be rear-facing? and don't tell me you drive with it on your lap a la Britney! for shame! ;)

      seen in explore!

    13. dps_42 83 months ago | reply

      Maybe you need to call in Kenny and the Eggplants to fight off the Great Zucchini uprising?

    14. | Mathieu | 83 months ago | reply

      hahaha, nice one!

    15. elfie C [deleted] 83 months ago | reply

      excellent. that's hilarious!

    16. saint magenta 83 months ago | reply

      hahahaaa! that's so cool.

      i've grown a few zucchinizilla in my time. they're fun to give to someone who's never seen one before. or to leave on a doorstep and ring /run. *:)

    17. TheOakmonster 59 months ago | reply

      Holy mackerel! I thought the one I just got from my friend's garden was huge.

    18. deciBelle 56 months ago | reply

      lol. I got some giant ones from my garden this year. Check out what I did to mine :)

    19. David Cory 28 months ago | reply

      Added to the gallery, "Enormous Produce"

    20. Gilgongo 27 months ago | reply

      I don't understand what all the fuss is about. This "giant zucchini" is a perfectly ordinary marrow, and it's a fairly normal sized one at that. For pictures of others marrows, just do a Google image search for "marrow vegetable" to see what I mean.

      Do people not eat marrows in the US or something? We used to have them fairly regularly when I was a kid (you stuff them and bake them), but they've fallen out of fashion recently I think. You can usually buy marrows of similar size to the one in the picture in most green grocers in season.

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