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M16A4 ACOG 2

First off, I love this weapon. Which is why I'm going to criticize the everliving hell out of it.

First off, I find the stock to be way too curved. The standard M16 stock has an almost geometric shape to it- I find this version to be far too rounded. I also think it could be a bit larger while not interfering with portability.

I do like the ACOG scope, but I find the location and mount to be rather lacking. Scopes are generally mounted farther forward, as its current location would place the scope too close to the eye of the shooter. Plus, I do find a scope mounted immediately behind the handguard to be much more balanced &aesthetically pleasing. I'd like to try modding that, but I since I only have one , (and I'm a poor college student) that remains a pipe dream.

My final issue is with the clip. While I understand that Will's M16 and M4 designs are years of experience apart, I just find the difference in clip size to be a little too different. It would be nice to see a slightly slimmer clip.

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Taken on October 28, 2011