Discovery Garden at Georgian Court University
DISCOVERY GARDEN, located at Georgian Court University (, is intended to be a serene contemplation of our place in the universe.

DESCRIPTION: A giant SUNDIAL also serves as the sun in a to-scale MODEL of the solar system. The outdoor classroom area is housed inside a giant COMPASS.

Even the paths demonstrate mathematical concepts. The Fibonacci series (1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21...) is featured in the long paths. Three dimensional Fibonacci patterning is demonstrated in statues of pineapples and pinecones. Evergreen trees also have live examples of pinecones.

One area also features the SIXTY PLAZA, demonstrating the easy divisibility of the number 60 into patterns, hence its use in ancient mathematics and accounting. Today, we still use 60 in our count of minutes and seconds on the clock.

NOTE: The giant SUNDIAL is also registered with the North American Sundial Registry at

LOCATION ON CAMPUS: Discovery Garden is located behind the Arts and Science Building on the main campus of Georgian Court University. Originally an estate of the Gould family, the campus has been designated a National Historic Landmark.

PAST: For construction photos of the Discovery Garden see

- Fitness equipment to demonstrate Newton's principles will be installed shortly.
- A Newton’s Apple Tree is planned for the garden in the future, a seedling from Isaac Newton’s Lincolnshire estate.

- A flower clock is planned near the sundial, demonstrating flowers that bloom at different times of day.
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