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Iron Builder 3.0 - Tadashistate vs Si-MOCs | by V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber
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Iron Builder 3.0 - Tadashistate vs Si-MOCs

Ladies and Gents,


Nannan and I are proud to commence the newest round of Iron Builder - Iron Builder 3.0


We welcome you all, viewers both old and new.


This season of Iron Builder promises to be an exciting and entertaining spectacle of bricks and creativity.

We will be challenging both the Iron Builders and their competitors with an impressive array of Mystery Parts and crushing deadlines. Who will break under the pressure? Whose cuisine will reign supreme? - sorry,wrong show! .. ummm.. whose Bricks will have the most 'clicks'?


I am proud to present you with our opening salvo of competition to get 3.0 off with a bang


What can I say about Iron Builder Tadashistate?

His has had an awesome winning streak with impressive wins over competition such as the cruel and brutal Proudlove and the monsterous Monsterbrick ( that was a bare knuckle brawl ). He has risen to conquer chilling challengers again and again and come out with the bloody crown in his hands. Can our first challenger of Iron Builder 3.0 take Kahan off his throne?


Let's see... Too keep it fair, Nannan and I chose another Canadian ( so they can be all POLITE to each other and talk about Hockey and Public Health Care and Canadian stuff... ). Our competitor recently received the Master Builder honors at this year's BrickWorld so he has a fine pedigree and a brand spanking new trophy. Will he add to his growing trophy collection OR have to build yet another prize for the talented fingers of our reigning Iron Builder? Through his gnashed teeth I heard him say "Grrrrr.....I am hungry for poutine, Nanaimo bars and the head of Kahan!!!!" And then, like that Star Trek movie he yelled ... "Kaaaaaaaaaahhhnnnnnn!" I explained to him that it was spelled differently and he politely excused himself and yelled "Kahan" quietly under his breath...


Glory awaits in the LEGO pit!


Smack talk is your friend!


Bring Pepper Spray!


Our Mystery Part for this round is rarely seen in quantity. A part both obvious in its intent yet screaming for greebling and clever usage by savvy builders. Each competitor will receive (20) from which to make his MOCs. Who shall use this part to best illustrate the Iron Builder ideals of Building Skill, Presentation and Part Usage?

Whose cuisine will reign supreme? ( no guys ... don't eat your bricks... )

I give you Microfig .....


Gentlemen, in the words of my Uncle...


'Allez Brick'!




Iron Builder is a contest sponsored by the Builder's Lounge group on Flickr. In the past, it has been more of a private contest ( though many many of the excellent entries have seen the light via Brother's Brick and other popular LEGO blogs ) and we have decided to more readily share the MOCs with non Lounge members by posting them as a common thread for everyone to enjoy.


The basic rules of the contest require that the two builder's receive a batch of the 'secret ingredient' part. In this case, the plain Grey Microfig


The two builders have one month to produce as many high end builds as possible to submit to the panel of judges.


The winner of the contest becomes ( or remains ) one of the FOUR Iron Builders.


Current IBs are:

Bart De Bobbelier - ( defeated DarkSpawn for the title )

Pasakaru76 ( recently dethroned Iron Builder 2MuchCaffeine )

Bruceywan ( recently dethroned Iron Buider Legohaulic )

Tadashistate ( recently defended against MonsterBrick )


Combatants fight for bragging rights and , more importantly, the winner is built a trophy by the conquered!


Feel free to cheer for your favorite builder , encouragement is encouraged!


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Taken on August 31, 2012