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    I have always loved minifigs and customizing.

    Although if you wanted a more dynamic arm position, you are a somewhat restricted or in need of jury rigging some flex tubing to get the job done.

    I just finished a batch of these custom arms and have them now available for folks to use. The replacement 'Crazy Arms' are highly engineered in that they accept the existing hands perfectly ( they click right in ) and POP in the existing torsos with a nice click. They can easily be swapped and changed out.

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    1. SlyOwl 37 months ago | reply

      These look great. It'd be nice to see a bit more "shoulder" on the upper and back sides (maybe even a slight kink at the elbow), but I'm guessing these are also made on a lathe, so that's a no-go.

    2. V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber 37 months ago | reply

      You are correct, one must work within the limits of the machining

    3. $Deltaforceguy$ 29 months ago | reply

      Sorry for necro post, but are you still selling these? Do you sell any other custom items?

    4. V&A Steamworks - Guy HImber 29 months ago | reply


      The arms and Stove Pipe hats are all available

      : )

    5. $Deltaforceguy$ 29 months ago | reply

      Well then I might be ordering some soon.

    6. Adam Jurčić 26 months ago | reply

      what sword is this?

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